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Several years ago Dave Norval of Tennessee and Dr. John Waples of Huntsville decided to create an organization to help kids that included hunting and the outdoors.

Dave Norval, left, and Dr. John Waples (Photo Courtesy of Outdoor Life)

That’s nothing new, in all honesty. There are many organizations across the nation that promote hunting, fishing, outdoors pursuits and do it with kids in mind. Others are focused around persons with special needs, women battling cancer, children with terminal illnesses who want one last wish, and so on.

Norval and Waples aren’t unique in creating something similar. But what’s special about them and their non-profit Kids Hunting for a Cure organization is they put their hearts, souls, time and energy, along with their own money, to not only get it kick-started but also keep the engine running. It’s been a raging success.

To date, in just four years, they and the KHFAC events held annually in Tennessee have raised more than $240,000 for cancer research. Kids with terminal illnesses or from disadvantaged backgrounds are guided on organized hunts. Volunteers offer time, land and assistance with guiding, food preparation, laugher, hugs and more to help make the events a success.

“When you take them out, their eyes sparkle,” Norval said.

For those reasons, and more, Norval and Waples have been selected as the Readers Choice winners of the annual Outdoor Life 25 honors. The Outdoor Life 25 honors the 25 most influential people in hunting and fishing nationwide, and each year the magazine’s editors ask readers to choose from the nominees who they believe is most deserving by voting for a “Reader’s Choice” winner.

In announcing the honor, Outdoor Life said Norval and Waples “represent the best aspects of our sports.” Norval and Waples will forward the $1,000 honorarium to their organization.

“I’m just a poor country boy from Tennessee, so this is really special,” Norval said.

“Successful hunters love to teach,” Waples said. “Getting them to take kids out is easy—you just need an organizational base. We provide that platform.”

KHFAC raises money nationally through organized hunts, auctions and cookouts. The organization currently operates in seven states and aims to have at least 70 chapters by the end of 2011.

For more information on Kids Hunting For A Cure, visit www.kidshuntingforacure.org


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